Understanding the U.S. Health Care System: A Sociological Perspective

Which sociological perspective (functionalist, interactionist, or conflict view) best explains your viewpoint on the U.S. health care system? Give an example of a specific health or health care-related social problem to illustrate how your perspective is manifested.
Identify one way that you believe the U.S. health care system can be improved to create more affordable quality care for all?
How can the concept of sociological imagination be applied to health care reform?
What social institutions do you believe can have the most influence on social change in health care equality?
Your journal submission must be a minimum of 800 words. A title page, if used, and the reference page do not count toward this requirement. You must use at least one peer-reviewed or academic source to support your journal entry. All sources used must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style.

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