Unit 7 DB: Child Protective Services

Social workers that are apart of CPS (Child Protective Services) get a bad reputation because there are many movies and TV shows that turn on these social workers. They paint the picture that they are heartless and malicious for breaking up families. The reality of the matter is that they are trying to look through every resource in order to help the client and the child be as happy and safe. The work environment of a CPS worker is very strict considering this is not something to mess up with so everyone needs to be on top of it. If someone questioned why I was in CPS I would explain how much the intention behind separating families is to take the child out of a toxic environment. Their minds are so fragile and easily influenced so it is very important to take it seriously and set a good example. Children watch something that someone close to them does and they mimic the behavior because they think it is right.
.) Why I believe that the public is so negative with social workers is because in the media C.P.S workers aren’t spoken of in the best of light. The only stories that you hear about social workers is when a child is placed in the wrong type of foster care or when a child goes missing from child or foster care. Another reason I believe that child workers are looked down upon is because they get a bad name when they approach someone’s home and the investigator tells them that  they are required to  enter that home, that’s a straight violation of their fourth amendment rights. Forcing yourself into someone’s home under false pretenses is wrong and should never happen unfortunately it happens all the time in this field of work. 
Another reason why social work is looked down upon is because some children are placed in home where they are 
> Children are poorly treated
>Known for taking kids away from family  
>never published when good foster care placement is good for the community to see. 
Draining work 
>Social and racial inequality on daily basis 
I believe that we should help the social workers get more media in their community or world wide. We need to let the community understand that there are so many reasons why a child is taken from their home. And if we understood them we wouldn’t be judging. As a CPS worker, the main job is to help guide families to baseline and protect the children. It isnt to harm them all social workers want what’s best for the children and families 
Ever since 2019 the number of kids in foster has been steadily going down in size 
>Years         Number Of Kids 
>2019        >8,676
>2020        >7,972
>2021        >5,269
>2022        >4,918

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