University Of Maryland Lifespan Development Discussion

University of Maryland Lifespan Development Discussion

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Module 8 is a fascinating resource that requires we understand several terms and slight differences between those terms. In this activity and discussion, you will be aiding the knowledge development of your classmates.
1. Main Entry: You have been given the liberty to explore a topic/concept that caught your attention or had personal relevance. Your goal is to find one decent website that is related the topic that interested you while reading Module 8. The web site can be an alternative/or confirming explanation to what the module offers, or it can share research, or an interesting story on the topic. Feel free to be scientific or creative in your search. For example, one of you might want to explore how our understanding of the self in early adulthood is impacted by disease or is related to life functions. Once again, be curious! My anticipation is that we will come to realize as a result of these searches that our understanding of the concepts presented this week are more important in our daily lives than we give credit.
Post here as a response the web site address, and a brief summary (8 or more sentences) of what your web site is about (research, debate, story) etc. When you make your posting please enter your topic in the title bar of the edit screen (e.g., change “RE: Weekly Discussion?” to “Parenting.” This will help your classmates quickly identify the topics covered.

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