University Of North Texas Schizophrenia In Children Reading And Video Analysis

University of North Texas Schizophrenia in Children Reading and Video Analysis

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 explain signs, symptoms, and causes of schizophrenia in children or adolescents.  Second to identify, describe, and assess  evidence-based screening tools for schizophrenia  in children or adolescents. 
Product: Submit a 3 page double spaced assignment, in 11 or 12 font size, and following APA guidelines. 
1. Watch all the videos. 
2. Answer the following questions based on the readings and videos. Your responses will be focused on a child or and adolescent, but not on both. Choose one group to focus on. 

Explain the causes of schizophrenia in children and adolescents?
Explain the signs and symptoms that children and adolescents might be experiencing schizophrenia?
Describe the criteria for diagnosing schizophrenia in children and adolescents according to DSM-5. What cultural aspects would you have to take into account as you diagnose schizophrenia in children or adolescents? 
Identify, describe and assess two evidence-based screening tools for schizophrenia related symptoms? Which of the screening tools would be most appropriate for your level of knowledge and skills and your desired practice setting? 

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