University Of Phoenix Qualitative Research Methods Research Paper

University of Phoenix Qualitative Research Methods Research Paper

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Combine your Interview Protocol and Observational Guide into 1 cohesive document. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback into the final draft.
Part 1: Interview Protocol (4–6 pages)

Central guiding research question
Target population and sampling plan

Include estimated size of final sample

Type of interview with rationale


Format and schedule of interview questions

Main questions
Follow-up questions
Neutral prompts

Planned location and estimated length of interview process
Plans for the following:

Recording and transcription
Field notes

Proposed analysis model and detailed plan for establishing reliability of your coding process outcomes

Cite the methodologist

Part 2: Observational Guide (4–6 pages)

Central guiding research question
Target group and setting
Investigator relationship to the target group and setting
Consider the available sources of data (social actions, talk, archival records, etc.).

List and organize the anticipated puzzlements and jottings
List 2–3 specific observations that you will need to make.
List 3–4 main questions to guide your conversation with individuals.

Include 1–2 probes for each main question.

What archival records will you seek?

Description of the planned structure and format for recording your field notes
Proposed analysis model and a detailed plan for the presentation of your observational results

Cite the methodologist

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