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PURPOSE:  As an interdisciplinary field of study, kinesiology uses written forms of communication and involves the application of biological, chemical, physical and mathematical principles to the study of human movement and health.  While much of the writing you will do as an undergraduate asks you to report and interpret experimental findings, some writing skills will ask to reflect on large-scale problems, such as the impact of health issues on our society.
One of the goals/outcomes of this assignment is to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a topic in the field. The goal is to develop a thorough summary of an area/topic of study and an opinion about the findings of the study as well as a practical application in your intended field. 
SKILLS:  Practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course and in your profession.  

Understanding basic disciplinary knowledge by selecting a relevant topic for your research article
Identify tools in the library to assist you with identifying the topic and locating a research article based on the following criteria

Human subjects research
Relevant topic in Kinesiology
Research (Methods, Results, Discussion)

Read and review literature in the field and report on the methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.
Analyze and synthesize the information obtained from reading/reviewing the research article.
Interpret the evidence (textual, visual and graphical forms).
Critically evaluate the article by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the study.
Apply information you learned from the article to relevant issues you are learning about in class.   

KNOWLEDGE:  This assignment will also help you to become familiar with the current (within five years) content knowledge in this discipline.  

Find an article of interest on the topic:  Upper Extremity from a scholarly journal and manageable for 2-3 page research critique?  Please make sure it is not a meta-analysis or literature review. 
Please review the Student Sample Research Critique here:  STUDENT SAMPLE.docxActions 
Is your article on the assigned topic? Upper Extremity
Read the article thoroughly once to make sure you understand it (or you may have to choose another article)
Take notes {annotate}.
Review the Grading Rubric 
Write your research critique
Check your critique to make sure you have included all elements of the grading rubric and items listed in criteria for success
Have someone proofread your critique and check for any/all spelling errors
Submit your critique in Canvas by the deadline for grading

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