Vesicaurinaria superior and inferior to the prostate

Week 4 – Laboratory 2
Reproductive SystemExplore the Virtual Model links on the eScienceLabs portal to review the anatomy and answer the lab report questions. At the end of this lab exercise, you will be able to identify which anatomy is comparative in function in the male system versus the female system. You will fill in your answers on the Lab Report form linked in the Week Four lab exercise area on the .For this assignment you must:
Answer questions one through six.
Your assignment must be formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the .Carefully review the for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.
Week 4 Assignment 2: Virtual Model – The Reproductive System
Submission Instructions: Please complete your answers to the lab questions on this form. Please complete your answers, and SAVE the file in a location which you will be able to find again. Then, attach and submit the completed form to the Week 4 Laboratory dropbox in the .
1. What is functionally homologous to the glans penis?
2. What female reproductive structure is functionally homologous to the testes?
3. Identify two features (vessels, glands, cavities, etc.) which are not included in the Virtual Model. Describe their respective functions.
4. Is the vesicaurinaria superior or inferior to the prostate?
5. In what two organ systems does the penis function?
6. Do any of the female reproductive organs function in more than one mammalian organ system

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