What four distinct roles does the president play as head of government?

High School online government class work. Just need answers nothing complex. each answer can be as minimal as it needs to answer the question. 1. How is the president a ‘unifying force’ in our highly dispersed political system? 2. Briefly describe the president’s role as head of state 3. What four distinct roles does the president play as head of government? 4.Write AT LEAST 3-4 sentences describing how the president provides leadership in legislation. 5.Describe the president’s constitutional power to veto. Why is this such an important power? 6. What are some of the president’s duties as chief diplomat? Which of these do you think is the most important? Explain. 7.What are the constitutional requirements for an individual to be president? 8. Describe, in your own words, how the president can have a significant impact on the nation’s legislative agenda. 9. Describe how congress and the president share authority over the military. 11. What is the one responsibility the Constitution specifies for the vice- president? 12. Briefly explain the problem with presidential succession that existed before 1967, and how the 25th Amendment solved it. 13. What is the current order of succession to the presidency, if the offices of both president and vice-president were to be vacant at the same time? 14. Since World War II, what kinds of assignments and responsibilities have been given to vice-presidents? 15. Describe impeachment in your own words. 16. What are the roles of the House of Representatives, and the Senate, respectively, in impeachment proceedings? 17. If impeached, would a president automatically go to prison? Explain 18. Who are the two presidents that have been brought to trial in the Senate? 19. Why weren’t impeachment proceedings brought against Richard Nixon? 20. Who presides over the impeachment proceedings of a president? Why? 21. Select TWO presidents and read about them. Then write AT LEAST one paragraph about each, describing what you found most interesting about that person. https://millercenter.org/the-presidency/presidential-speeches 22. Select THREE presidents and listen to their sound byte. For each, describe briefly what he talked about. 27. What is the Executive Branch of our Government? https://fair.org/home/corporate-ownership-matters/ 28. What’s wrong with corporate ownership of the media, according to the article? 29. How do advertisers skew what the audience sees? 30. What is the most common form of censorship and why? 31. What strategies does FAIR outline as solutions to the problem of unfair and inaccurate reporting of the news?

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