What Is Servant Leadership? Principles You Must Have As a Leader

What Is Servant Leadership? Principles You Must Have As a Leader
There are various management styles that we can apply in the organization regarding leadership. Servant leadership is a management style that can assist us in forming solid teams with our employees. A happy workforce both personally and professionally offers high-quality work to help the organization flourish. This article describes what it entails to be a servant leader and its principles. Visit sounding board, Inc, to understand the concept of servant leader and its principles
Servant Leadership as a Concept
According to greenleaf.org/pro, after forty years of research, and development, in the book “The Servant and the Leader.” He was concerned that the old authoritarian corporate leadership approach was no longer practical during the modern days. Instead, he believed that the most influential leaders concentrated on serving their teams and bringing out the best in them. To disseminate his philosophy, he launched the institution Greenleaf Center and spent many years working with businesses to help them become servant leaders. Larry Spears, a writer, and philosopher summarized Greenleaf’s concepts into ten core servant leadership attributes in 1998: listening, showing empathy, stewardship, foresight, ability to persuade, conceptualization, creating awareness, healing, dedication to people’s growth and development, and community building. The following are some of the principles of servant leadership.

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