What is your ultimate goal?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me learn.With smart devices pervading our homes (Hello Alexa) customer interactions are increasingly more and more personalized. Social media increased the voice of the customer exponentially. As such empathy is now considered a sought-after leadership skill.On page 84, your textbook focuses on Customer Experience Mapping. And then on page 132 refers to the first phase of Design Thinking: empathy. Design Thinking is a methodology that focuses on the human experience. A powerful tool in the Design Thinking portfolio is an empathy map. This is your opportunity to apply this tool.Your assignment is to further unpack your course project. Referencing the empathy map image provided in your textbook and here, answer the following questions:OVERALL GOAL: What is your ultimate goal? What are you trying to achieve? What is your problem / SMART statement?
NAME: the “I am” statement. Who are you?
TASKS: What are the tasks you are trying to complete? What questions do you need answering about your situation?
FEELINGS: How do you feel about your problem situation? What really matters to you?
INFLUENCES: What people, things or places may influence how you act in this situation? What people, things or places may influence how you make decisions as you work through your project?
PAIN POINTS: What pain points might you be experiencing that you hope to overcome?

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