What policies should be put in place to combat racism?

What policies should be put in place to combat racism?
The most effective anti-racism measure is education; racism can only be eradicated if the American educational system addresses and acknowledges the racism that has become a barrier for most black students (Tatum, 2018, p. 03). I believe racism is ingrained in white Americans’ minds; they regard black Americans as inferior beings. A well-structured educational system that places black and white students on equal footing is a critical tool in the fight against racism.
What worldview do you hold, and how can religion aid in peace-building?
I believe in theism, which holds that there is only one God, the creator and ruler of the universe. According to my childhood teachings and cultural beliefs, the universe is ruled by one supernatural being who keeps everything in its proper place, and that being is God.
Religious leaders play an important role in fostering peace between individuals and between societies. Religious leaders have the most direct contact with citizens at the grassroots level, allowing them to understand and influence their thoughts and actions. Furthermore, people frequently confide in religious leaders, believing that they can open up to them and reveal their deepest secrets. They learn about each person’s personality, actions, thoughts, and plans in this way. Religious beliefs promote peaceful coexistence among individuals and foster trust with people of other faiths.

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