What side of the brain did the stroke occur

What side of the brain did the stroke occur?
Learning disabilities
A stroke can cause aphasia. It affects a child’s learning ability by inhibiting speech and understanding. Without the normal functioning of s child’s cognitive function, It is difficult for a child to understand or concentrate in any given environment.
Mental retardation
A stroke affects a child’s memory. With this loss in memory, a child would not grasp any new concepts. As such, I would expect the child, in this case, to display some level of mental retardation that comes with depressive symptoms. Overall, the child will not experience normal brain development.
Role therapy
Role therapy involves making use of a psychodrama happening in reality. The child, in this case, chooses a role model then role-plays that model in the course of treatment or the healing period.
The therapist plays a key role in ensuring that the child’s right side can use his right hand and leg properly in the video. The therapist’s role in this video is that of a parent close to the child and can influence the child’s movements. The child seems to be getting along with the therapist despite not being a familiar face.
A pediatric cardiologist specializes in diagnosing and treating health diseases affecting children. The child suffered a stroke, and a cardiologist should diagnose any heart conditions that affected the child. This specialist will work with a heart surgeon to determine the best course of treatment and interventions.
A Vascular neurologist
A Vascular neurologist is one of the specialists trained to diagnose and treat stroke. They are known as ‘stroke doctors’ since they display an extra focus on treating stroke patients. The child, in this case, will largely benefit from the training that these specialists have regarding stroke in children.
Interventional radiologist
An interventional radiologist is trained and specializes in x-rays, MRI, CT, and other imaging guidance. This specialist plays a key role in this child’s healing process. In case of any flaws the radiologists will forward the results to the relevant specialists to attend to the child.
Neurosurgeons perform surgical procedures on patients suffering from stroke. They are trained to quickly determine whether the surgery is necessary or not. In case the child needs surgery the surgeon will recommend surgery to rectify any flaws resulting from the stroke.

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