What skills will I get from studying biology?

What skills will I get from studying biology?
As with the other sciences, biology helps you to build up research, problem-solving, organisation and analytical skills.
If you study biology, you will likely find yourself working on group projects, which will help you build your teamwork and communication skills too.
What kind of careers can I do with biology?
Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers, particularly in healthcare, medicine and jobs involving plants or animals. The list is pretty long and includes nursing, dentistry, forensic science, psychology, physiotherapy, botany, environmental science, zoology, geology, oceanography, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, science writing, genetics and research.
Lab science is one of many career paths for biologists
It is also important to remember that biology is excellent preparation for non-scientific careers, thanks to its skills – everything from analytical thinking to writing reports.
Jobs for graduates with a degree in biology can be just as diverse as the nature of the study. Aside from working in a lab, many biologists find themselves in other closely related fields, such as agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care, research and development (R

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