What will you be responsible for as Team Leader?

Download the Week 7 JGR Roles and Employees [DOCX].
In the Week 7 document, read the four role descriptions, Logistics, Budgeting, Programming, and MC/Host. For this assignment, you will choose four team members to fill these team roles.
Watch the Week 7 Strayer Talk, Building Your Team: Finding the Right Balance, which describes the 10 JGR candidates you may choose from for your Fantasy Team. Brief information on the candidates is also provided in the Week 7 document.
Complete a 10–12 slide PowerPoint presentation in which you do the following:
1. Describe the role of Team Leader and how you will fulfill that role.
Explain your skills and personal strengths needed to be an effective team leader.
Think about your personal DiSC assessment results from JGR100. What is your DiSC work style, and how will you select team members to complement your skills?
What will you be responsible for as Team Leader? What will you handle personally, and what will you delegate to other members of your team?
2. Select a candidate for each of the four roles described above, and justify your selections.
Review the candidates by viewing the Week 7 Strayer talk and the document JGR Employee Profiles.
Consider how each choice’s particular skills and personality will help them perform their role successfully.
How do these team members’ strengths complement yours? What skills and/or personality traits do they have that will help your team in areas where you feel challenged?
Explain how chosen team members complement you in more than one case.
3. Create 10–12 Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) slides for the JGR CEO in which you present the team you have put together for the one-day summer team-building retreat.
Include a title slide and reference slide, in addition to the required slides (not included in the 10–12 slide count).
Include speaker notes or record audio for each slide content.
Use specific phrases, ideas, and quotes from the Strayer Videos, Coach’s Huddle, Weekly Readings, and/or Discussion to explain and support your thoughts.
Write in a professional manner using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and SWS.

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