Who will you collaborate with when proposing change?

Rewrite, case study will be included along with professors feedback!
Good start to this analysis of Sullivan Soap Company, Rayana, but several sections need to be refocused to analyze this company thoroughly. Review all comments below and then click on View Rubric Feedback to see the points breakdown within the rubric. Also, please click on View Inline Feedback below to review my editorial notes within your paper (or access the inline feedback via the Course Menu, then Assignments, and click on the similarity score/pencil). Apply all feedback to your final project. If you have questions, let me know. – Dr. A
Total Percentage – 79%
Total Points – 71.1/90
Motivational Theories (10/10) – Great identification of motivational theories that help explain low productivity at Sullivan Soaps, supported by research.
Leadership Style (10/10) – Nice identification of leader styles, supported by research.
Employee Morale (10/10) – Nice description of the impact of leader style on morale, supported with examples.
Collaboration (7/10) – Revisit this discussion of the need for collaboration; you have already been hired as Sullivan’s consultant, so focus here on how you will collaborate with Sullivan Soaps – who will you collaborate with when proposing change? Why is this important?
Consultant’s Role (7/10) – Very generic discussion of the consultant’s role in proposing changes; tailor this to the company you are working for here – Sullivan, and provide Sullivan-specific examples.
Ethical Standards (7/10) – Refocus this section on the impact of ethical standards and issues on productivity at Sullivan Soaps. Remember that you need to be analyzing Sullivan Soaps in this milestone.
Ethical Responsibility (7/10) – Focus this description on your ethical responsibilities to Sullivan Soaps. Tailor the description to your work with this company. This is too generic. See the discussion from Week Five.
Diversity (7/10) – See my comments within your paper. This description of the relationship between diversity and productivity is somewhat confusing. Stay focused on how Sullivan’s current diversity is impacting productivity. Also, the evidence you have used here for support is not scholarly research. It’s just a faculty blog.
Working Teams (7/10) – Additional detail is needed to thoroughly analyze working teams at Sullivan Soaps. Remove recommendation language and focus on analyzing working teams at this company.
Articulation of Response (7/10) – Some major errors negatively impacted readability and understanding; review inline comments throughout your submission, and apply feedback to your final project. I did not highlight every error in this milestone (merely a representative sample), so be sure to proofread carefully, and apply comments throughout your work, as applicable.

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