Why China Has A Growing Middle Class

Due to recent advances in technology, communication, and transportation, companies are no longer confined to just one country to market and sell their products in. This has presented many companies with global opportunities. China, one of the fastest growing countries in regard to economy and population, presents a very appealing market to businesses looking to expand. China has a growing middle class that no longer has to be as price sensitive (Barton, Chen, Yin, 2013), and this is good news for American companies that have a strong brand name and do not necessarily rely on a cheap price to sell their goods. China is also experiencing an increased demand for biscuits and crackers, but many people are also becoming more health-conscious (“Entering the Biscuit Market in China: There is Still a Chance,” 2014). These presents Nabisco, a strong brand name in the United States, the perfect opportunity to expand their graham cracker line into China.  
Nabisco’s graham crackers do not have too much variety in the United States. Its Honey Maid line consists of honey, vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon flavors. Nabisco also produces Honey Maid Dippers and Teddy Grahams that are smaller than the original graham crackers and are perfect for smaller hands. The graham crackers are sold by box sizes (“Varieties,” 2016). These can be purchased at almost every grocery store and are typically found in the cookie and cracker aisle. As mentioned before, China has the potential to be a viable

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