Why Did Hoover Fail To The Great Depression

Herbert Hoover served as the thirty-first President from 1929 to 1933 where he was succeeded by Roosevelt. Hoover was the United States President during a troubling time for many Americans; the Great Depression. Hoover gained a “reputation as a humanitarian in World War I by leading hunger-relief efforts in Europe as head of the American Relief Administration” (biography.com). Hoover was also the U.S. secretary of commerce before he served time in office. Hoover was a known humanitarian and organized many relief efforts. Hoover has many other published works such as The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover: The Cabinet and the Presidency, The Challenge to Liberty, The Problems of Lasting Peace, The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson, Principles of Mining, and Fishing…show more content…
Hoover attempted many plans to end the Great Depression. Hoover rested on his belief of “volunteerism”  which was a key concept of progressivism. Hoover believed private organized charities were sufficient to meet social welfare needs and was the “American Way”. Progressivism was when you displayed the wrong actions businesses were taking to the public in hopes that the public would make businesses reform their ways. This was a keen reason to why Hoover failed to solve the problems of the Great Depression. The first solution to the Great Depression attempted by Hoover came after the great crash. Hoover received a petition from the president of General Electric, Gerard Swoop, in 1929. It called for series of voluntary wage and price freezes of leading industries in the U.S. in exchange for freezing wages and prices. They asked in return for the government to cover the cost of welfare capitalism; which was an attempt to break the union, by providing benefits to make companies obsolete. They would pay workers 80% when laid off, but when the stock market crashed, they would only give them 20% salary. This was due partially to welfare capitalism. They

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