Write a program for the bookstore

Write a program for the Bookstore. The main application will declare a table to hold the names of the items ordered as well as the prices.Create a class named Menu that will display the following:WELCOME TO ***** FROM THE FOLLOWING:ENTER 1 TO PURCHASE A TEXTBOOKENTER 2 TO ORDER SUPPLIESENTER 3 TO ORDER LOGO CLOTHINGReturn the selected value back to the main program and, depending on the value, you will call one of three subroutines:Supplies – Sample menu – DO NOT DISPLAY THE PRICES IN THE MENU!:PLEASE SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING SUPPLIES:ENTER 1 FOR PRINTER PAPER $12ENTER 2 FOR 3 SUBJECT NOTEBOOK $12ENTER 3 FOR 2019 PLANNER $10ENTER 4 FOR 6 PK SCANTRON $2Textbook – Sample menu:PLEASE SELECT FROM THE FOLLOWING TEXTBOOKS:ENTER 1 FOR JAVA PROGRAMMING $128ENTER 2 FOR OFFICE 2016 W/SNAP CODE $178ENTER 3 FOR VISUAL C

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